How We Think

Our strong belief is that family businesses and family offices are, first and foremost, families. Without question, the relationships within families primarily dictate the success or failure of their collective business or joint project.

Family Solutions Group believes that issues of governance, leadership, career development, mentorship, succession, estate planning etc. are issues of personal interaction of each individual within the family and the family as a whole. Regardless of the brilliance of any business, succession or financial plan, in a family business the execution is fraught with the emotionality of the individuals involved.

Very often, family members are too close to their dynamics to make sense of them or unaware of their contributions to the present conflict or impasse. Since families run family businesses, the historic and entrenched personalities, perspectives and patterns of that family cannot be ignored. The biggest mistake most families make is assuming that present struggles do not have an historic context. Whatever childhood issues one has had in connection to their role, or perceived treatment, in their family, those feelings will have a direct impact on their present interactions and reactions – whether those issues are positive or negative.

What is distinctive about Family Solutions Group’s approach is a firm belief that whatever the behavior, it always makes sense. Assuming that all families, and all individuals, carry with them vulnerabilities, scars, life-cycle tasks, historic defensive reactions and patterns, it is the consultant’s task to get beneath the behavior to the origins and work toward a better way of coping with the present issue. And, most importantly, the work has to be done with respect, empathy and without shame.

Whether a family, or individual members of the family, are in conflict, or feel the quality of their interactions could be improved, Family Solutions Group has the professional experience and expertise to aid in reaching positive, constructive solutions.